Monday, October 27, 2008

Design Judgment

Since I have not been very productive here lately I can at least link to others who are. My colleague Jeff Bardzell has written a great post on his class blog on the distinctions between "opinion" and "judgment". I really like this post.

The notion of judgment is crucial to anyone who tries to understand design. What I am seeing in interaction design is a growing interest in the activity and meaning of "criticism". Hopefully this will also lead to a deeper appreciation and examination of "judgment".

I truly believe that an intellectual and reflective understanding of the two notions criticism and judgment is at the very core of being a good design thinker and design practitioner.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Back on Twitter

OK, after a few weeks without Twitter I decided to sign on again. It was in so many ways an interesting experience. It was fascinating how my thoughts changed over time, especially for the first week or two. I thought this would be an interesting experiment, now I know it was. I learned things about Twitter, about being in touch, and about myself. Maybe later I will write about it. If you have the courage to do the same thing :-) you should!

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