Thursday, January 02, 2014

An absolutely excellent talk on how to write a research paper

I have just watched this video on how to write a great research paper. The talk is by Professor Simon Peyton Jones, Microsoft Research. In the talk Peyton Jones presents eight principles on how to develop and write a research paper. The content is wonderfully clear, and in my view, completely correct. The principles he discusses are very similar to what I often repeat to my students (and I am sure many of my colleagues too). So, the content of the talk is great and so is the way it is done. I highly enjoyed watching this. Great advice presented in a great way!

Thank you Chung-Ching for posting the link on Facebook.


Chung-Ching said...

The link of the video credits to a blog post from MMdays:

Marjorie Turner said...

Usually I don't acquire information just watching a videos, but I would like to say that this video is very obliged me to take a study and do so! The discussion has been impressed me. I have learned and earned from this research paper help. Thank you for sharing this video, I'm making note of all the advices.

Mary A. Cawley said...

If you need to write a research paper, write it yourself. The main thing is the writing of avoiding plagiarism of text. I want to recommend a good site for checking for plagiarism - online plagiarism checker

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