Wednesday, September 02, 2015

HCI Pioneers website

Ben Shneiderman is one of the most well known and highly respected researchers in HCI. His contributions to the field over the years are many and foundational. Now he has taken on the responsibility to collect and display what he calls the "HCI Pioneers". This is an excellent project and highly valuable since we, as a discipline, have to know and understand our background and history. Reading about these individuals will help all of us, and in particular I can see this site as a wonderful asset to new PhD students in the field.

Ben explains in an email the purpose and work behind this project like this:

"After 40 years of photography and two intense months of work, the website with 45 personal profiles & photos of leading human-computer interaction researchers and innovators is ready for public showing:

       “Encounters with HCI Pioneers: A Personal Photo Journal”  

My goal is to make HCI more visible and tell our history more widely.  These are the people who made HCI designs as important as Moore’s Law in bringing the web and mobile devices to the world.  The ABOUT page has a more complete description of the goals, process, and history.

I hope to add more photos and more personal profiles as time and resources permit."

Again, this is a great resource and thanks to Ben for taking on this project!

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