Mentoring and Coaching

One-on-one Design Thinking and Leadership Mentoring

Erik Stolterman Bergqvist, PhD

Having researched and worked with professional designers continuously since the early 80s I have learned a lot. I have been able to formulate insights on what works and what doesn't work through my writings, teaching, and advising of students and professionals and through my engagements with industry. It is time to share this with others.

I offer one-on-one personalized mentorship on design thinking and leadership.

I will challenge your way of thinking and acting as a designer. The mentoring will help you explore your strengths and weaknesses as a designer and to develop your ability to take the next step as a designer and leader.

One package includes
-             A 3-month period of mentoring,
-             8 one-hour face-to-face skype sessions ,
-             advice on career moves,
-             advice on work situations and problems,
-             everyday email exchange,
-             suggested readings,
-             exercises (if relevant),
-             feedback on writings and work.

Each package is personalized based on your background, experience, and expectations.

Comments from a couple of mentees:

"I feel so much better after I talked to you every single time, and it makes me full of hope for my life.  I have been asking for advice from co-workers, my peer friends, some people who are successful, but I did not get any clear answers. Now I have answers and know how to improve my career. I cannot thank you enough. Your advice is worth billions of dollars to me." (Y, Visual Designer/Product Designer, Aug 2019)

"Good mentors are hard to find. I am extremely grateful for the coaching sessions I had with Erik. His words of wisdom helped me focus on tangible changes and decisions I needed to make in my life. Erik helped me with techniques, and insights that not only significantly helped me with my professional work but also my life and wellbeing. Our one on one mentoring and coaching sessions were a catalyst for a real change in my life. Having Erik Stolterman as my mentor and coach was the highlight of my year." (P, Interaction Designer, Oct 2019)

If you are interested, contact me for cost and availability at

Who I am

Erik Stolterman is Professor in Informatics and the Senior Executive Associate Dean of the School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering at Indiana University, Bloomington. He is also professor at the Institute of Design at Umeå University, Sweden. Stolterman is co-Editor for the Design Thinking/Design Theory book series by MIT Press, and on several editorial boards for international journals (The HCI journal, International Journal of Design, Design Studies, Design, Economics and Innovation, International Journal of Designs for Learning, Studies in Material Thinking, Human Computation, Artifact). Stolterman’s main work is within the areas of HCI, interactivity, interaction design, design practice, philosophy and theory of design. Stolterman has published a large number of articles and five books, including “Thoughtful Interaction Design” (MIT Press) and “The Design Way” (MIT Press) and the recently published “Things That Keep Us Busy--The Elements of Interaction” (MIT Press, 2017).
If you are interested in something similar but for a group/team or your organization, let me know.

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