Workshop on

-- Designerly Thinking and Doing --

on March 31st

This workshop will take place in Chicago

The purpose of this workshop is to provide a deep understanding of what designerly thinking and doing as a way of navigating a complex world means and how to do it.

Professionals and leaders in all areas are today challenged with constant demands of producing creative and innovative solutions. Lately the notion of “Design thinking” has emerged as a new and exciting approach able to deliver such solutions. But what does it really mean to think and act in a designerly way? Where do you start? And how do you develop design competence and leadership?

This workshop will be great opportunity for those who have heard about design as an approach, ‘design thinking’, but have not yet had a chance to engage with it. But, it will also be useful to those who are already involved in design in their professional life but are looking for more.

Among the topics that will be covered are:
             when is a designerly approach appropriate
             why engage in a designerly approach
             what does designerly thinking mean as a practical ‘method’
             what is a designerly outcome
            what is designerly competence
            how can designerly expertise be developed
           what is designerly leadership
           how to develop a designerly culture

The workshop will consist of some ‘lecturing’, discussions, and exercises related to the topics above and the participants’ own experiences. 

More information later!

[This workshop is not done in relation to the university. The workshop is primarily aimed at professionals and should be seen as professional and executive training and development.]


Harold Nelson said...

Sounds like it will be a great experience and more than worthwhile! Good to see some serious offerings in design at last.

Jonathan Partlow said...

Umm - Yes!

Want my exec team to attend as well - always so much value from you. Every time!

Thank you for doing this.