Monday, November 16, 2015

Leaving Facebook

Today I closed my account on Facebook. I did that a few years ago but then reactivated it again. I don't know if that will happen again, but I do not think so. I have slowly 'starved' my Facebook during this last year. I started to unfollow (not unfriend) people I did not want to read updates from. Then I became more strict and unfollowed most students and colleagues and old acquaintances. Lately I have only kept my close family members and some good friends. And now I deactivated my account, I kind of unfollowed myself. So, for now, no Facebook...

And since I am doing this, I also deactivated my Twitter account that I really never use anyway.

So, I am not on any social media anymore....

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Influential bloggers in interaction/UX design

In my class my students had an assignment where they had to analyze two blogs by people who work within the fields of UX design, interaction design and related areas. They had to read a substantial number of post on each blog and then compare them. Very interesting results. In many professional fields today, professionals who blog about their profession and practice have a huge influence on the field. Here are some of the most popular bloggers that my students selected and analyzed. An interesting list in itself.

Aaron Walter                         Design leader @ Mailchimp
Luke Wroblewski                  Product director @ Google
Mike Monteiro                       Mule Medium
Jared Spool                            User Interface Engineering
Matt Webb                             BERG London
Kevin Gaunt                           Intern at IDEO
Simon Pan                              Uber
Julie Zhuo                               Facebook
Meng To                                 Heyzap
Catriona Cornett                   InspireUX
Jenny Reaves                         UX designer
Andy Fitzgerald                     UX architect
Jack Moffet                             Interaction Designer
Michael J. Darnell                  @BadDesignsCOM
Nils Sköld                               UX Designer  
Karl Vredenburg                   IBM
Tobias van Schneider           Spotify
David Airey                            Graphic designer
Nathan Swartz                       Web designer
Matt Sundstrom                    Illustrator designer
Jared Spool
Jonathan Shariat                   Therapydia
Erika Hall                               Medium/Mule

Are you looking for great UX designers

Our MS program in HCI design students are planning their yearly employer event again in February. See info below. If your company is interested, get in touch with Kate (info below). Help spreading this to anyone who may be interested.

Monday, November 09, 2015

Some new readings...

I have a habit of ordering books that I find interesting and then they show up on my desk. It is great to have a stack of unread but exciting new (and sometimes old) books, even though it can also be a bit stressful since there is no time really to read them. But at least, I can show them...

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