Friday, July 24, 2015

Faceless Interaction

I found out today that our article "Faceless Interaction - a conceptual examination of the notion of interface: past, present and future" is now published in print (see ref below). The Abstract of the article reads:

"In the middle of the present struggle to keep interaction complexity in check, as artifact complexity continues to rise and the technical possibilities to interact multiply, the notion of interface is scrutinized. First, a limited number of previous interpretations or thought styles of the notion are identified and discussed. This serves as a framework for an analysis of the current situation with regard to complexity, control, and interaction, leading to a realization of the crucial role of surface in contemporary understanding of interaction. The potential of faceless interaction, interaction that transcends traditional reliance on surfaces, is then examined and discussed, liberating possibilities as well as complicating effects, and dangers are pointed out, ending with a sketch of a possibly emerging new thought style."

I am quite proud of this article. And I hope that a lot of people will read it and critique it, and maybe build on the ideas we have developed.

Unfortunately the online version is not open to everyone. I will soon make the text available in some way. If you want it, you can write to me and ask for a copy.

Janlert, L-E., & Stolterman, E. (2015). Faceless Interaction - a conceptual examination of the notion of interface: past, present and future. In Human-Computer Interaction, Vol 30, Issue. 6.

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