Friday, April 29, 2016

Books on my desk right now...

I do like books! Here are some of the books on my desk right now. Have looked at all of them, have reads parts of some and all of others....

Thursday, April 28, 2016

The best short film about the design process

Today my colleague Harold Nelson sent me a link to a short film (about 15 min) about the design process made in the 1960s. It is just a wonderful film. It contains all the aspects of the design process. Watch and learn!

Monday, April 25, 2016

ACM Interactions looking for Editors-in-Chief

Ron Wakkary and I have now been Editors-in-Chief of the ACM Interactions magazine for six years. It is time to let go. We are finishing up our last year and ACM is now searching for new editors
(see here

It has been some great years. It has been a privilege to work with so many outstanding colleagues in the field, famous and unknown, old and young, academics and practitioners...those who deliver what they promise and those who don't :-) 

I have learned a lot. Read things I would never had read otherwise. Seen research and ideas that I would not have cared about. Met people that I would never have met. It has been fascinating, fun and enlightning. So, if you are interested, just apply! It is good to be two so you can share the work.

Friday, April 15, 2016

The Death of Design Thinking -- a few years later

A few years ago I wrote a post on this blog with the title "The Death of Design Thinking...". This post has been read quite a lot since then. I read it myself today and realized that it is as relevant today as 5 years ago. Of course, things has changed since I wrote the post. For instance, the notion of "design thinking" has become even more spread and recognized and the prediction of its "death" has not yet been fulfilled. However, we are seeing more of critical voices that are expressing concerns. At the same time, the observations around "design thinking" that I made are still valid and maybe even more important today. I am afraid if we do not engage with design in the way I write below we will very soon experience a serious backlash and maybe the "death" of anything designerly....

"...........As someone who has been dealing with design theory for about 30 years, it is both amusing and sad to see the way the question of the status of design thinking is being approached. The intellectual development around design as a special human approach to inquiry and action has been around much longer than the "last decade" and is a deep and  profound attempt to understand a particular kind of human activity that for a long time was not appropriately understood.

Looking back through history it is obvious that some human approaches, such as art and science, have attracted centuries of intellectual interest. People have tried to grasp what they are, what their purpose is, what they can deliver, what they can't deliver, when they are appropriate, and how they relate to each other. To me "design" is a human approach to intentional change at the same level of importance and stature as art and science.

Over the last 40 years we have come a long way in developing an understanding of design as an approach in its own right. But it is still a new project and we are only taking the first steps. There are serious questions still to explore, for instance, why was design not recognized as an approach worthy of intellectual investigation until recently? What are some of the best ways to define design, how can it best be taught, what are the philosophical foundations best suited to explain design, how does design relate to art and science, etc?

It is however not, as many state, difficult to define design. At least, it is not more difficult than defining what science or art is. As we all know, there is no precise and generally agreed upon definition of either of them, but that does not really make anyone argue that neither of them exist or that it is not important to continue to study them, trying to understand them, and of course to improve them.

However, if we take on a highly simplistic view of design--if we see it as a management "tool", a straightforward recipe to reach innovative new products, or a way of "thinking" that will drastically improve  our capacities in certain ways-- then it will of course lead to failure. But if we see design as an always present human approach aimed at the creation of the not-yet-existing then the challenge and its potential contribution becomes different in size and scope.

In the last 30 years there have been a tremendous change in the understanding of design. We have seen educations, professions, and ideas of competence change. There is a slowly growing understanding of design that has real consequences in real human activities and projects. These consequences can of course be seen as a result of a "fad" that will soon go away and be replaced by something else  (like Nussbaum's attempt to launch CQ). But this is not what is going on. What we are witnessing is a broad and deep, but slow, recognition of the fact that there is a form of human approach to intentional change that is not appropriately captured by our more developed traditions. And as humans, we need to find ways to talk about what that is. We need a language and we can't just borrow that from other traditions.  Design is not a form of art, not a form of science, and not a form of management. Design is not applied art, not applied science, and not the same as business practice. It is not the same as invention or creativity in general. Design is not a simple change in practical step-by-step procedures or the use of particular tools. Design is the activity we humans engage in when we are not satisfied with our reality and we decide to intentionally change it. It is an approach that deals with overwhelming complexity, that rely on judgment as its logic, and that is focused on the creation of the ultimate particular. 

Design as an approach or as a form of "thinking" is not dead. At the same time, it is not yet  alive as a fully developed intellectual and philosophical tradition. A lot of people are doing a great job today trying to develop such an understanding, but it will probably take another century to reach a situation where design as an approach is recognized at the same level and in the same intellectual and intuitive sense as art and science."

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

The new book is moving along

Well, at the moment Lars-Erik Janlert and I are working quite intensely on our book. Preliminary called "Interactivities -- the meaning of interface and interaction".

—the meaning of interface and interaction


It is exciting to work on the text now that it is almost finalized. It does not necessarily get easier when you get to the end, instead now we have to make sure that we are not contradicting ourselves in the different chapters. But, it is exciting to be almost done.

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