Sunday, July 17, 2005

Philosophy of Technology

It is fascinating that, in a society so extremely influenced by technology as ours, there are so few philosophical ideas that deal with what is happening When things get complicated and complex (like digital technology) we need philosophy. We have to use our combined minds to create ways to capture and hold broad ideas on what is going on -- what technology is doing to us. Why is it that technology (and especially digital) is so fascinating for so many people, but seems to draw us into discussions on details, functions and features and not into more foundational thoughts on direction and development, desire and fear. Where are the new philosophical challenging ideas? Ideas that are not only for the professional philosopher but possible to approach by every engaged individual? Is it possible to create philosophical ideas on technology in the same way as environmentalism has been able to construct highly abstract, theoretical and complex ideas on environmentalism in a way that make them intelligible to most people.

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