Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Moggridge -- "Designing Interactions"

Bill Moggridge has recently published the book "Designing Interactions". It is a different book, fascinating and stimulating. It is a book that from a design perspective presents a bit of the history of the field of interaction design, designers that have had an impact on the field and its most famous products. Moggridge has personally been in the center of this development for the last decades and has a lot of insights, personal experience, and knowledge. It is not an academic text, at least that is what Moggridge claims, but I find it intellectually stimulating and more to the point than most academic treatments of the field. It takes a strong design position, and that makes a difference! A good one! I highly recommend this book to any student in the field, to any instructor, and to any practitioner, with interest in where we come from, who shaped it, why they did it, etc.

The book is based on interviews and is supplemented with a DVD with all interviews in video. The only problem I have with the book is actually the design of the book. It is a beautiful book, nice layout and wonderful pictures, but it is kind of difficult to understand who wrote what, if a text is a polished transcription of an interview or what. This is especially true for the last chapter. I could not really figure out who wrote what, which influences my way of reading. Apart from that I highly recommend the book!!!

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