Friday, November 30, 2007

"Design Research Now"

I just got a new book that I had ordered, it is called "Design Research Now" edited by Ralf Michel. It is new book and a beautiful book! It is with excitement that I am looking forward to read it since some of my favorite design thinkers have contributed chapters on topics that look promising. Without having read the book, it looks like a perfect book for a more advanced design theory or design philosophy course. However, the bad thing is the prize,on Amazon it is about $95!

I will come back with some kind of review when I have had more time to read it!


nicolas said...

I would be happy to know what you though about that book.

I am considering buying it but it's a bit expensive...

olivelife said...

This book is brilliant. I don't own it but want to and have read much of its contents. Happy to see design research move in these new directions!