Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Interaction Criticism and Judgment

In a recent blog post, my colleague Jeff Bardzell writes about the need for a more developed understanding of interaction criticism. He writes the post in reply to someone who reviewed one of his paper recently who did not understand the notion of "judgment" and questioned its nature and role in our field. Jeff makes a great case for judgment and for criticism as valid expressions of highly developed personally internalized knowledge. There is definitely a need to develop interaction criticism. There is also a need for a better understanding of criticism as a process and activity and there is a need of theories that can serve as tools in that activity. I am looking forward to the work by Jeff and Shaowen (his co-author on the paper that was reviewed).


Umme Emaan said...

Well I think you are doing a great job.Being a cs student I do not get a lot of useful stuff on HCI ,your blog however has much of it:)

Erik Stolterman said...

Thanks you Umme for the encouragement!

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