Monday, May 19, 2008

Human Computer Interaction (HCI): towards a critical research position

Together with Anna Croon Fors, one of my colleagues, I have worked on a paper with the title "Human Computer Interaction (HCI): towards a critical research position". The paper has today been published in the Design Philosophy Papers journal.

In the paper we argue that HCI researchers have a choice when it comes to whom and what they will "serve" with their research. We also make the case that if they make the choice to serve the common good and to investigate the implications of interactive technology there are some methodological considerations that need to be observed and recognized. We also give some guidance on how such critical research can be conducted. The overall argument is that there is a need for a critical research position in the area of HCI research. Well, if you are interested, the paper is possible to read here.

This is not a paper for the easy minded :-) It is quite condensed and full of philosophical considerations and references... but some people like that :-)

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