Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"The Three Paradigms of HCI"

I recently found the paper "The Three Paradigms of HCI" by Steve Harrison, Phoebe Sengers, and Deborah Tatar from CHI 2007. Strangely enough I have not seen this paper before, which is too bad. I very much like the basic idea of the paper and the way they describe three paradigms of HCI. I like it because they make definitions, categorize things, creates a conceptual map, that is, they theorize about theory in HCI. Something that needs to be done much more! And they do it in a way that makes me want to discuss the paradigms further and to continue to develop the ideas . These are signs of a good paper. There are of course arguments that I don't agree with, but that just makes the paper even more valuable :-) Find it and read it!!

Thanks to Kevin here is a link to the paper!


Kevin Makice said...

That paper can be found at http://people.cs.vt.edu/~srh/Downloads/TheThreeParadigmsofHCI.pdf

There is also an Odeo of a talk on that paper, I presume, at http://odeo.com/episodes/23495809-The-Three-Paradigms-of-HCI (but I can't get it to play or download the mp3).

Erik Stolterman said...

Thanks Kevin!!

Chung-Ching said...

Another download link:


Drew McKinney said...

Just a heads-up that the URL is broken in the article entry. Not hard to figure out, but an FYI

Erik Stolterman said...

Thanks Drew for seeing that. It is now fixed.


Simon Bowen said...

Agreed this is a valuable paper. I think the reason we're all finding it difficult to locate is that it isn't on the ACM Digital Library (as far as I can tell), which seems odd. I wonder if the authors should contact them to remedy this.


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