Thursday, October 29, 2009

Good Interaction Design Magazine web sites

I have followed a thread on the IxD list about good places on the web to read about interaction design. I collected the suggestions so here is a list. These sites are more like magazines, that is, they are not just personal blogs. On the list they were asking for sites for interaction design that had the same status as CORE77 for product design, that is, well designed sites with a lot of good content. If you have more good links, please let me know.

Johnny Holland Magazine
Design Observer
A List Apart
The UX Bookmark
Cone Tree
Smashing Magazine
Boxes & Arrows
UX Magazine
ACM Interactions Magazine


Arvind said...

Perfect. Thanks for the list Erik. I like the fact that you periodically point out interesting conversations from other places, including IxDA (a place that I will never visit on my own due to the really poor quality of conversation). btw, why werent you here for the thing Marty and Eli were? Would've been good to catch up. Will you be at IxDA 2010?

Erik Stolterman said...

Hi Arvind

Great to hear from you. I sounds like it would have been a good idea to join Eli and Marty to CA, maybe next time. I would really like to go to IxDA 2010 but I am not sure I can make, but I will try.

Take care

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Kshitiz Anand said...

Thanks Erik! :)
Wonderful List.

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