Friday, September 09, 2011

Studying Interaction Designers and their methods

A few days ago, Marty Siegel and I got the final message that our NSF proposal has been approved and that the 3 year project is good to go. The project is called "Design Methods--how they are understood, selected and used by practitioners".

The project is based on the assumption that any work devoted to the development and creation of new design methods (which we define in the broadest possible sense, everything from pen & paper to theories) has to be grounded in a deep understanding of design practice.

If you are doing research on design practice and the use of tools and methods, I would be happy to hear from you.

If you are a practitioner that has ideas, reflections, and thoughts about this topic, you can write to me.

More on this later...


Phoebe Sengers said...

Congratulations, Erik! That's great news!

Mattias Arvola said...

That's great Erik! You get to continue the work from your phd thesis then. ;-) Anyhow, as you know we at LiU (Stefan, Johan B., Fabian, Lisa and I) are primarily working on interaction and service design practice. Personally, I often talk about my research as studying 'design cognition', that is, thinking, language and communicative activities in the practices of design.

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