Wednesday, January 16, 2013

ACM Interactions magazine

I have now, together with Ron Wakkary, been co-Editors-in-Chief of the ACM Interactions magazine for about two years. It has been a great experience. Reading the submissions is great fun. I have read more about our field than ever before and especially texts about topics I would never have read otherwise. I have also had the chance to work with a large number of wonderful researchers and practitioners in our field. Personally I also think that Ron and I have been fairly successful in developing the magazine in a direction that I find exciting. People may not know this but the number of submissions is growing and the acceptance rate is going down, and today it is way lower than 50 %.

Anyway, the new web site is doing well and now we have added a blog section to which we have been able to recruit a number of really interesting people in the field. We have about 25 researchers and practitioners who on a regular basis will blog. You can take a look at the first blogs already. We hope that this blog will develop into an important part of the magazine and also lead to real debate.

Unfortunately the number of members of ACM SIGCHI who is the owner of the magazine is going down. This is not good since the field as such is growing and so is the CHI conference. So, please if you are not a member of ACM SIGCHI, become one. To be a member of SIGCHI is possible without being a member of ACM so it is not even expensive. You also get a discount at the CHI conference and you get the Interactions magazine sent home to you!

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