Thursday, June 19, 2014

Where is the right place for the interface?

The notion of wearable technology is creating design challenges. Is is a gimmick or is there a real potential for useful technology? And is that a question of technology or design? It is fascinating to see how the placement of the interface is posing so many questions, and opinions. Should the interface be traditionally placed on a designated surface, such as the laptop or smartphone, or should the interface be on our arms (smartwatches) or in our glasses (Google glass) or maybe we do not need a surface at all?

Hartmund Esslinger argues that "smartwatches are stupid" in a recent article.  As an internationally recognized interaction designer, he should know.   In the same article, several questions are raised around wearable technology, its recent quick but sometimes short successes and failures. The question is discussed if it is a question of technology or of design. I find this discussion interesting, especially in relation to a forthcoming article that I have written with Lars-Erik Janlert called "Faceless Interaction".


joYWei said...

Thank you for sharing this, Erik!

We all know wearable tech will be the next big thing. Retailers are crazy about it. It's refreshing to see an article like this, which points out problems we see from today's wearable techs. After all, “Consumers want answers,” explains Vivienne Ming, data scientist at gilt, a behavioral analytics firm. “They don’t want more data.”

Thanks again!

Vintage Leather Bags said...

Thanks for sharing!!

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