Thursday, June 09, 2016

Workshops on designerly thinking and doing

I am in the early stages of planning some workshops on "Designerly Thinking and Doing" to take place at some time after summer. I will hold them here in wonderful Bloomington, Indiana.

The purpose of the workshops will be to provide a deep understanding of what designerly thinking and acting as a way of navigating a complex world means and how to do it. Professionals and leaders in all areas are today challenged with constant demands of producing creative and innovative solutions but what does it mean to do this in a designerly way? And how to you start? And how do you develop design leadership?

This will be great opportunities for you who have heard about design as an approach but have not had a chance yet to engage with it. But it will also be useful if you are already involved in design but are looking for more.

If you think this sounds interesting and you might want to participate, send me an email (

More information to come!


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