Monday, November 28, 2016

Design is not Art

It is comforting to hear from a distinguished designer that "design is not art", something that Harold Nelson and I have argued in our book "The Design Way". Unfortunately there is a common misunderstanding that design is close to art or a type of art. Milton Glaser makes the clear statement that this is not the case in a brief article. I wish more people would take this position, it would make a huge difference in how we think about design and how it would be positioned and organized into a university structure as well as a company structure.

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Book sent to publisher!

So, today my colleague Lars-Erik Janlert and I sent our final manuscript to the MIT Press publisher. The book is titled "Things That Keep Us Busy--the elements of interaction". The chapter in the book look like this:

1 The things that keep us busy
2 Thought styles and Use paradigms
3 An approach to interactivity
4 Interaction
5 Complexity
6 Control
7 The character of things
8 Expressions and impressions
9 Faceless interaction
10 Taking measures
11 Full speed ahead

I am not sure when it will be published, but I am sure it will take a while.

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