Friday, June 14, 2013

Wonderful 1.5 minute video about design

It is difficult to show what design is about, even if you just want to explain a few aspects of what characterizes the design process. This little video by Apple is in my mind an amazing good and rare example. In two minutes they cover the importance of first intentions, desiderata, service, composition, etc. framed in Apple language. All core concepts from our book "The Design Way".

Of course the video does not give a full exposition of design, but it presents some reflections of its core. And they do it in a beautiful way!

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Eunki Chung said...

I agree with your point. I assume every big and little design dept in company may have self-reflection meeting by watching this clip together (I and my colleague did). However, I think it is a little bit shame that Apple has to explicitly communicate this in their major event WWDC. I would say, the current business landscape afforded Apple to do so – ideal situation for Design might be the past 10 years, when people implicitly recognize the message and philosophy of Apple's Design (and Business) way.

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