Tuesday, January 07, 2014

ACM Interactions magazine now with new design and layout

As you may know I am co-Editor-in-Chief together with Ron Wakkary of the ACM Interactions magazine. It is a publication that we present like this:

"ACM interactions magazine is a mirror on the human-computer interaction and interaction design communities and beyond. It is a multiplicity of conversations, collaborations, relationships, and new discoveries focusing on how and why we interact with the designed world of technologies. interactions has a special voice that lies between practice and research with an emphasis on making engaging human-computer interaction research accessible to practitioners and on making practitioners voices heard by researchers."

The new Jan/Feb 2014 issue is just out. It is the first issue with our new redesigned logo and layout. We also introduce some new departments. We have also made some real changes to the structure and order of articles. It has been a fascinating process where we have worked with professional magazine designer Luke Hayman and his crew. You can read Luke's reflection on the redesign here.

It is exciting to work with Interactions. It reaches a large audience from around the world. It is obvious that if you publish in Interactions you will have more readers than ever before. Your readership will measure in thousands and not in hundreds as with traditional research venues.

Anyway, we hope that you will find the new design as good as we do. And maybe it will trigger you to submit some of your thoughts to Interactions.

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